About Angler Armory


The concept of Angler Armory was born in 2008 out of St. Petersburg, FL. Owners, James & Jennifer Malz wanted to go to the Florida Keys on vacation & were looking for a waterfront campground that they could bring their boat to. It took a full week of searching the internet before they found just what they were looking for.

They said to themselves, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a site you could go to that listed all the waterfront campgrounds? A place people could go to & not have to search the web for a week in order to plan their vacation?” Their idea grew to include any type of business on the water – hotels, bed & breakfasts & restaurants.

As they began planning the website they believed that the sky was the limit on the amount of information they could give to boaters & fishermen. If someone wanted to find out the tides for the next day – go to Angler Armory. If they needed to find insurance for their new boat – go to Angler Armory. If they wanted to see what tournaments were coming up in their area – go to Angler Angler. If they wanted to list a fishing rod or boat they had for sale they could do it for free on Angler Armory.

The response to Angler Armory has been overwhelming! The ease of finding information on the site & the amount of information offered to users gives water enthusiasts just what they are looking for – a one stop site to take care of all their questions & nautical needs.

Angler Armory has also moved into running tournaments over the past 4 years. We house the Wild West Kingfish Tournament Series along with the Jingle Bells Kids Fishing Tournament. We also host and/or emcee other local fishing tournaments such as the Flats Inshore Slam and the Tighten the Drag Inshore Tournament.

James is a 4th Generation Florida Cracker who has spend his life on the water fishing. Jen has lived in the St. Petersburg area for over 34 years & shares her husband’s love of the water. We hope this site makes navigating the nautical world easier for you, as it has for us personally! Enjoy the site! Here’s to good fishing, calm waters & safe returns!


Drop us a line today at anglerarmory@gmail.com

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