Cape Lookout Shootout Payouts

Payouts and Points

1. $20,000.00
2. $7,000.00
3. $5,000.00

4. $4,000.00

5. $3,500.00

6. $3,000.00

7. $2250.00

8. $2000.00

9. $1750.00

10. $1500.00
100 points will be awarded for the winning fish, with 99 for 2nd, 98 for 3rd etc.
* Points only awarded with weight credit
The championship will take the top 25 boats in the point standings. A cumulative of the 2 highest finishes of the 3 tournaments will set the standings for the championship. Payouts for championship will be as follows;
1. $20,000.002-9. $1,000.00If championship cannot be fished due to weather “see cancellations and refunds” payouts will be as follows: 1st: $3,000.00             2nd: $2,000.00              3rd though 25th: $1,000.00 

Optional Entry Prizes (cash or checks only)

Heavy 3

The Heavy 3 will pay top 3 king mackerel weighed in each event. 

Entry:  $300.00 (per event)

Pays:  1. $7500.00     

           2. $4500.00

           3. $3000.00

(Based on 50 boats entered)

Big Daddy

The Big Daddy will pay for the largest king mackerel weighed of the 3 regular season events. To be eligible entry must be paid by the first captain’s meeting. 

Entry: $200.00 

Pays:  1. $10,000.00

(Based on 50 boats entered)

Team Up

Looking forward to this one. This is something new and could allow for some fun, camaraderie and a little money, when your having those frustrating….. “can’t find a fish” days.

Team Up will consist of 10 teams, Teams 1-10 made up of 5 individual fishing team. The 10 teams are set up by the lottery check out position/ number drawn at captains meeting. How the 10 teams are set up will stay the same throughout the series, but the individual fishing teams on those teams will change according to check out position.

Entry: $100.00  (per event)

Pays: $5,000.00 ($1,000.00 per team)

(Based on 50 boats entered)

Format as follows: (numbers under team are checkout numbers)

Team 1111213141
Team 2212223242
Team 3313233343
Team 4414243444
Team 5515253545
Team 6616263646
Team 7717273747
Team 8818283848
Team 9919293949
Team 101020304050
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