Cape Lookout Shootout Registration

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Field Is full. Waiting list is open

A 50 boat 3 Tournament Series with a no entry fee 25 boat championship based out of the Morehead City/Atlantic Beach Area. 
A one day, one big fish tournament with check out. 

How to Register
Registration will open on Monday February 10, 2014 at 11:00 am

1. Please email for your preliminary registration.  Information needed is captains name, boat name and contact.2. When tournament committee receives email a confirmation email will be sent back with registrant number and attached registration and payment options.3. Registration and 50% of entry fees must be received within 14 days of emailed preliminary registration or by April 1 deadline, whichever comes first. Please mail checks and registration forms to:Cape Lookout Shootout
1960 Matthews Rd.
Clayton NC 275204. As preliminary registrations are received via email a competitors list will be conducted on the website with your corresponding registrant number.  Until 50 boat max is reached or April 1 deadline.5. Any entries not received within the 14 days will be removed from list.

6. All preliminary registrations are date and time stamped.

7. After 50 boat max has been reached the 51 entrant and so on will be placed on a waiting list.  A confirmation email will be sent stating this. Waiting list entrants will still be required to complete registration in the time allotted without any fees.  


1. Entry fee is 1250.00 per tournament. (3)2. A minimum of one half entry fees due ($1875.00) for all 3 tournaments due on or before 11:00 pm April 1,2014.3. Remaining due ($1875.00) on or before 11:00 pm June 2,20144. Entry Fee is NON Refundable.  If the minimum of 40 boats is reached by the deadline of 11:00 pm April 1 2014.  No more entries will be allowed. In the event the 40 boat minimum is not reached ALL monies less $50.00 per entrant will be refunded back to entrants within 30 days from April 1 deadline.If the 50 boat MAX is reached prior to OR by April 1 deadline, the tournament committee will continue to accept registration for teams wishing to be on the waiting list in the order they are received.  If any of the 50 entered boats drops out before the final June 2 deadline at 11:00 pm, the next captain properly registered on waiting list will be contacted and will have 48 hrs. to make payment to become one of the 50 boats.  If and only if a team is replaced from the waiting list pool prior to the June 2 deadline monies will be refunded back less $100.00 for charity.
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